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Face Recognition Infrared Thermometer


  • German termal imaging sensor.
  • Android RK3288 Chip.
  • 800×1280res.
  • No contact temperature measurement.
  • Support multiple language.
  • Support high temp audio alarm.
  • Support no wearing mask alarm.
  • SDK/API can be provided for develop ues.
  • RS232&Relay(can conect to acces gate and attendce system).


Time attendance thermal smallest face id recognition temperature sdk lockaccess control system information:

This system can measure forehead temperature in 1 meter recognition face at the same time. so this face recognition door access measurement temperature infrared thermometer terminals system can be use to control door access and employee attendance.

People temperature is normal it would show temperature on screen and said ” temperature is normal”

if not normal, it would show temperature on screen and say ” temperature is innormal”

if the people is stranger, it would say ” stranger”,

if people is recorded person in system, it would read out the people name and should its ID company name on the screen, and record the people have appeared one time in system.

So what you can use it to do?

1. you can use it to monitor visitor temperature normal or not, prevent fever spreading virus to infected other people.

2. use it to control door open for our people, and lock to the stranger.

It can be used with access gates and attendance for communi-ties, office buildings , shcools, hotels, scenic spots, transportation hub and other public service places

Care and Maintenance

  • 1. During the installation and use of the product, all electrical safety regulations must be strictly observed.
  • 2. Please use the power adapter provided by the regular manufacturer.
  • For specific requirements of the power adapter, see the product parameter table.
  • 3. When installing on the gate, please make sure that the product is installed firmly.
  • 4. When the product does not work properly, please contact the after-sales service personnel. Do not disassemble or modify the product in any way. (The company does not assume any responsibility for problems caused by unauthorized modification or repair.
  • 5. Do not immerse the product in water. When the product is installed outdoors, try to use it with the rain cover provided by our company.
  • 6. Please understand that you are responsible for properly configuring all passwords and other related product security settings, and keeping your user name and password properly.
  • 7. If the equipment does not work properly, please do not disassemble it for repair, otherwise it will affect the equipment warranty.
  • 8. Avoid extreme or extreme environments such as extreme high temperature (or low temperature), high humidity, vibration, radiation, and chemical corrosion during installation and use.

Face Recognition Infrared Thermometer Application

1. You can record all your work into face recognition thermometer system and let the elevator only open for our worker, stranger can’t use elevator.
2. You can use this time attendance thermal smallest face id recognition temperature sdk lockaccess control system to constrol door only open to the people recorded in our system or their temperature is normal. Those people is fever or stranger, the door shut down.
face recognition thermometer
3. this time attendance thermal smallest face id recognition temperature sdk lockaccess control system also can be use for our house too. you can imagine, in this period a lot of people got fever, if they come into your house your family would be dangerous, if you measure his temperature by your hand, he might be angry. but if you install this system at your door, when then come to visit you, system alarm and don’t open the door, he would be shy, go back himself, right?
Face Recognition Infrared Thermometer
And if you install this system at you door, you don’t need to take home key with you any more, because this system can open door for you, when it recognition your face.
4. In this period your company still need to work, but you need to know who is fever and sperate him immediately, prevent other worker be infected, than your company can continue work, if you don’t know some body fever, but still work with your other worker, all your worker maybe infected, can your company going running? If you install this device in your company you can take out the fever one, prevent fever spreading. Some other company visitor also need to pass this system detecting. Your worker would be more safety.
Face Recognition Infrared Thermometers
Besides, it can record your worker attendance too. don’t worry it would waste money after this period.

5. Student is weak, they are easy infected, so if you install a system at the school gate, find out the fever and sperated him, other student would be safety.

And if your school are closed, you also can let the system controll the door lock to the stranger who is not belong to your school and lock to those not allow go out the school.