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  • Touch Screen Digital Signages Interactive Digital Signage
    • 1.Can be customized in different sizes screen, or custom something other with your idea.
    • 2. Application fields: public places, for example shopping mall, restaurant, airport, square, commercial buiding, etc.
    • 3. Support shockproof and dust proof function.
    • 4.Locking system for anti-thieves, prevented the storage devices (SD/CF cards) from being stolen.
    • 5.Support IR remote conteoller, user can use remo controller to operate the whole lcd.
    • 6.Automatically generating playing list/mixed displaying of videos, images and music.
  • 55 Inch Digital Signage Kiosk Digital Signage Kiosks
    • Based on Android 4.4 system(up to 5.1), all the android application apk, software automatic restoration supported.
    • Real time management and controlling, browser, breakpoint upload download, multi-mode upload supported.
    • Updating programs (video, pictures. texts,PPT etc.) through the internet supported.
    • Auto power on/off, electronic clock & date supported.
    • Split Screen and fixed templated display setting supported.
    • Setting IP address, working time and working day supported.
    • 1080P full HD programs display supported.
    • WLAN & LAN long-distance setting play/sleep/reboot etc..function supported.
    • Cable network, wifi, 3G, 4G touch screen, motion senor and inner camera setting supported (optional).