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Face Recognition Thermometer

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Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Terminal
Face Recognition Temperature Measurement

Face Recognition Temperature Measurement

  • 8 inch Body Temperature detector with facial recognition
  • Android System
  • delivery 5-10 days
  • White balance Automatic, low color temperature, high color temperature, manual
  • Body temperature Temperature range 30℃~45℃
  • Temperature range 50cm
  • Precision 0.3℃ when used indoor
  • Intelligent function Detection Angle Vertical: 90 degrees, horizontal: 53 degrees
  • Face detection Maximum face detection
  • Storage capacity 30,000 faces, 150,000 records
  • 1:N The recognition speed ≤0.2 s / person, the recognition accuracy ≥99.7%
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21.5 Inch Hand Sanitizer Kiosk

  • 1. Auto Dispenser for Hand Sanitizer: 3.6 L
  • 2. PCAP touch is optional
  • 3. Android/Windows is optional
  • 4. Android Remote Management software for free
  • 21.5″ digital sigange with automatic hand sanitizer dispenser, which can be used in Hospital/Meeting Room/Reception Desk/Hotel Lobby/School/Train Station/Airport/Toilet, etc.
  • It’s fully automatic working with hand sanitier in perfect/smooth condition(no jam condition)
  • It’s industrial designed with full metal housing and stable functions, front side easy refill the sanitizer with large volumne load 1000ml, also front internal with USB port for more convenient to upload new video data without open top-side lock.
  • It’s optional 3 nozzles: gel/liquid/foam for your selection with extra cost.
  • Android version supports WiFi/RJ45 and touch panel, and CMS cloud software(PC-Cloud Server-dispenser)

21.5 inch 1080P advertising hand sanitizer dispenser with wifi android function

Wireless Digital Signage Dispenser is a device which can display the advertising contents in image or video file, and automatically dispense the Sanitizer or Liquid Soap in the same time. Comparing to the traditional Digital Signage, this smart device can catch more target audience. The Content Management Server allow you to control all wireless digital signage by any internet connected computer from anywhere of the world. The automatic dispenser can dispense the hand sanitizer or liquid hand soap without touch to avoid any cross infection.

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